I think the first part is a different thing than craving. It sounds more like a real hunger because as you say, your blood sugar is low. That is the leptin hormone that is low and you need real food.

The food craving I am talking about, is the one where you are full and satisfied with food and not hungry, but can still crave a specific food. Of course, if you are hungry most of the time because you are on a hike or live in poverty, then maybe you will stop having the luxury of craving chocolate! But most of us, fortunately, don’t live under such conditions.

About exercise. Not sure how much is required to be in the category of pushing yourself, but I am now at running 30–40 km weekly beside walking and biking (the two latter on a more relaxed pace for enjoyment). I run every 2nd day, 3–4 times a week, usually 6–12 km per run. I don’t know if that would categorize as “not pushing myself”, but I sure crave chocolate once in a while. I think this is a normal reaction after having a calory deficit for about 3-4 months now. I didn’t crave chocolate like that before downsizing.

Thanks for taking the time to comment, it’s always nice to hear different points of view and experience!

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